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Thrust bearings are designed to accommodate axial load in one or both directions. The single acting carries the load in one direction while the double acting can carry the load in both directions. There are several design types and configurations for thrust bearings to suit a variety of load capacities and applications. The Ball Thrust series is available in the ABMA Inch series, ISO Metric series, and Angular Contact series. The single acting Inch and Metric series are capable of handling relatively light loads in one direction while the Angular Contact series can handle a combination of radial and thrust loads in one or both directions. The Cylindrical Roller Thrust series is produced in Inch, Metric, Self-Aligning, Crane Hook, and Specialty series, Single and Double Acting.


Thrust roller bearings are made of small tapered rollers arranged so that their axes converge at a point on the axis of the bearing. BALL THRUST BEARING. A ball thrust bearing is a particular type of rotary ball bearing. Like other ball bearings, they permit rotation between parts, but they are designed to support a high axial load.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
SKF vkn 600 Bearing 28000 28151 28315 Imperial
SIGMA 81106 thrust roller bearings 843000 EE843220 843290 Imperial
SIGMA RT-730 thrust roller bearings LM501300 LM501349A LM501310 Imperial
180 mm x 206 mm x 13 mm IKO CRBS 18013 A UU thrust roller bearings LM501300 LM501349 LM501310 Imperial
10 mm x 52 mm x 8 mm IKO CRBF 108 AT UU thrust roller bearings LM501300 LM501349 LM501314 Imperial
75,000 mm x 160,000 mm x 55 mm SNR 22315EMKW33 thrust roller bearings 13800 13890 13836 Imperial
240,000 mm x 400,000 mm x 128 mm SNR 23148EMKW33 thrust roller bearings 74000 74472 Imperial Stamped Steel
SNR 22317EAW33 thrust roller bearings LM501300 LM501349 LM501311 Imperial
SNR 22317EMKW33 thrust roller bearings LM501300 LM501349HP LM501311 Imperial
SNR 22230EAKW33 thrust roller bearings 14000 14137A 14273 Imperial
AST 81209 M thrust roller bearings METRIC 0.8 Kg EJ 087796080928
90 mm x 130 mm x 16 mm ISB RE 9016 thrust roller bearings 95000 95512X 95926 Imperial

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  • 2、Failure Analysis System Procedure. 6" to 12" ... Axial thrust too high can damage thrust bearing. ... Submersible motors failure causes required for claim opening
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  • 5、Aug 1, 2017 — Always do bearings in pairs. And always buy decent ones, SKF, FAG or NSK. If one has gone, the other will not be far behind I guarantee.
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  • 6、The classic symptom of a bad wheel bearing is a cyclic noise that changes in proportion to vehicle speed, making it hard to diagnose based on noise.

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